We're looking for people to join our team. We do hard things on which people rely for their data, and it isn't easy finding someone who can handle them. We ran out of easy problems a long time ago (in our galaxy, not in the one that's far, far away).

We got tired of normal interviews and decided to do something more fun, and more focused on the practical side.

In the link below, there's an archive. Unpack it, read the instructions, and after solving some of the tasks you'll have an email address where to send your solutions.

We'll contact everyone who's able to do it, starting with the people who have solved the most tasks (note that you don't have to solve all to get the email).

We have tried to make it fun, but most of it is just nasty. Good luck.

Download link

p.s. almost all of these come from issues seen in our practice through the years.